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133650-650-366The Knicks may have won the first battle, but the Lakers think they have found their saviors.  Yes, Steve Nash and Pao Gasol have returned for the second match-up of these two teams.  The last time these two teams met in New York, they both watched from the bench.  Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony are both leading the league in scoring so this will be a very high scoring game if these two get hot.  The Lakers have seemed to start turning things around and look to continue their winning streak.

Steve Nash is a huge addition for the Lakers as he fits into the D’Antoni offense.  However, don’t sleep on the Knicks who remain one of the best teams in the league right now.  Amar’e Stoudemire did travel with the team, but will not play today.  The Knicks have filled his void very nicely almost to the point that he may be a bench player.

I think Kobe is more pumped for this game and will continue his 30 points a game streak.  He knows how to play on Christmas and how to defend his stadium.  I think the Lakers come out with the win.  The Knicks will hang around, but the Lakers are on a roll right now.  Lakers or Knicks, who you takin?



Nets vs Celtics

Merry Christmas! Along with the trees, decorations, and big guy in the red suit, there is one other tradition.  Christmas Day basketball!  The first game of the day is a new rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets.  The last time these two teams met, it got ugly.  We all remember the pushing fight between Rajon Rondo and Mr. Kim Kardashian, I mean Kris Humphries.

Boston comes to Brooklyn and is looking to end a five road game losing streak and they have already lost to Brooklyn in both match-ups.    Both of these teams are desperate for a win.  Paul Pierce thinks this could be the game to start turning things around.  Kris Humphries is also looking to get things going for himself as he was replaced in the starting line up on Sunday by Keith Bogans.

I cannot imagine Brooklyn sweeping the Celtics this year and the Celtics are much better in big game situations.  I think the Celtics will take this one, but not by much.  Christmas Game 1- Brooklyn or Boston, who you takin?