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686607The San Francisco Giants are starting to build a dynasty. However, this year it seemed more like destiny this year that led them to another World Series title.  At every point in the playoffs, it looked  like it was all over for the Giants, but they always found a way to get a big hit or a strike out in crunch time.  The biggest moment for this team?  It had to be in Game 4 of the World Series with the Giants up 3 games looking for the win and Sergio Romo struck out triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera.  First of all, holding Cabrera in check was an accomplishment enough, but to get him looking?  That definitely deserves a World Series title.  Unfortunately, their accomplishment was overshadowed by Superstorm Sandy, but they deserve immense credit and that is why their World Series win is the number seven most memorable moment.



116483-650-366It hasn’t happened since 1967 so it is a memorable moment for years to come. Detroit third baseman Miguel Cabrera won the triple crown.  Cabrera led the league in hitting (.330), home runs (44), and runs batted in (139).   Cabrera became the fifteenth player in history to win the title.  He joins an elite class which includes Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, and Frank Robinson.

Cabrera was one of the most exciting players to watch.  You never know if he would hit a home run, but this was the guy you wanted at-bat with the game on the line.  Cabrera and the Tigers went all the way to the World Series.  Unfortunately, they came up short and were swept by the San Francisco Giants. However, this guy is one of the best hitters I have ever gotten to watch and I expect to see his name in the running for future hitting awards.


It was the tightest race of the entire season.  The AL MVP award could have went one of two ways: Mike Trout, the dynamic rookie who was a force the second he stepped on the field or the eventual winner Miguel Cabrera, the triple crown winner who is arguably the best hitter in the league.  Both deserved the honor, but Cabrera’s historic season put him over the edge.  Not to worry Trout fans, if he stays this good, there will be many MVP awards in his future.  As for the National League, the honor went to World Series winner Buster Posey who has himself a phenomenal year.


Yes, the San Francisco Giants are World Series Champions and if you are on the East Coast, like myself, it is the farthest thing from top of the news.  However, congratulations to the entire team.  I am still not convinced they are the nest team in baseball, but they played impressively well in the series against a tough Detroit team.  Unfortunately, this was one of the least watched World Series in years.  But another congrats to the team and especially Pablo Sandoval for winning MVP!

After getting shelled in Game 1 of the World Series, you would think Justin Verlander would be upset with himself.  However, being able to laugh at himself is something that makes Verlander so likable.  Pablo Sandoval had home runs in back to back at-bats against the Detroit ace.  To show that he has accepted his defeat, Verlander was photographed wearing this shirt:

Game 2 of the World Series was dedicated to those coming home from overseas and those still fighting the good fight.  There were old players who fought in wars as well as many military officers.  The most touching moment, however, happened before the players even took the field.  Alongside San Francisco legend Willie Mays, Marine Corporal and triple amputee Nicholas Kimmel was given the honor to throw out the first pitch.

Kimmel was a former baseball star in high school before enlisting in the Marines. On his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, Kimmel lost both his legs and his left arm.  However, the athleticism is still there as he threw quite an impressive pitch.  It was a great moment for Kimmel and for Americans watching all over the country.   He is a true hero and inspiration to all.

Today was Game 7 of the NLCS to determine which team would face the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. One thing that appeared to be missing was the Cardinals ability to hit. The bats have gone silent over the past three games, while it appears that San Francisco has found their offensive stride.

Even for a team that has pulled off a miraculous comeback in big situations, an eight run deficit is hard to come back from with only two innings left. The Giants led the Cardinals 8-0 by the seventh inning. To add some insurance to their lead, Brandon Belt hit a bullet out of the park in the bottom of the eighth to make it a 9-0 lead. Everybody got in on the action of hitting with Pagan, Pence, Sandoval, Belt, Crawford, and even starting pitcher Matt Cain collecting RBIs.

In the ninth inning, when the Cardinals had their last opportunity, the baseball gods unleashed rain like no other. Most fans embraced it. There was two outs and the game was left up to Carlos Beltran once again. He has made the last out previously in 2006 with the Mets and last year with the Giants. However, he took a walk and there were two men on base for Matt Holliday. However, he popped up to Marco Scutaro to end the game.

It seems as though the Cardinal magic has vanished as San Francisco looks to face Detroit. The Cardinals who once led this series 3-1, have dropped the last three games. The Giants seemed to have gotten hot at the perfect time. They have been getting great pitching and great run support. Now the Tigers have had lots of time to rest, more importantly their pitchers are all well-rested while the Giants used their ace tonight. So it comes down to if the Giants can keep their hot streak alive or are the Tigers too tough being lead by triple crown leader Miguel Cabrera.