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Screen-shot-2012-03-19-at-11.56.47-AMDid you ever want to party with Shaq?  Well now you might get the chance, sorta.  The former NBA All-Star is coming out with his own line of vodka.  He is looking to compete with Diddy’s Ciroc, but at a much cheaper price.  The vodka line will be titled “Luv Shaq”.  The name is extremely stupid I will admit, but the vodka will be sugar and gluten free so I guess that makes up for it?  Not really, but there is a coconut flavor so it might taste decent?  Maybe after a long night or a bad Lakers’ loss it will.  Will you try Shaq’s vodka?




Wow, the stories coming out of the NFL just keep getting crazier and crazier.  This week, the story comes from the Dallas Cowboys.  Nose tackle Joshua Price-Bent is currently being held in Irving jail after being charged with intoxication manslaughter.  The story is extremely fuzzy so far, but their are reports going as far as to say that he killed a teammate. There is no word on who the victim is or if the report is true that the victim is indeed a teammate.  I guess Dez Bryant was not the one they had to really keep their eye on.  The victim’s name has been released and it was a teammate.  RIP to linebacker Jerry Brown, he was on the Cowboys’ practice squad.  Brent faces two years in jail minimum and 20 years if convicted.  Pretty sure this is exactly why you should NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.