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Has Khloe Kardashian "gone wild"? Khloe was spotted at STL with "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis and LA Lakers star Lamar OdomIf it’s not one Kardashian in the news, its another.  While Kim is getting all types of media attention for being pregnant with Kanye West’s child while she is still married to that guy on the Nets, Kris Humphries, her sister is getting some not so good press.  Khloe and her husband Los Angeles Clipper Lamar Odom, have always been in the gossip talks about their marriage being rocky.  Well, it seems that Lamar has added fuel to that fire with new cheating allegations.  Unfortunately, he has allegedly been caught by Khloe and kicked out of their beautiful mansion and forced to stay in a hotel.

Lamar seems to be more interested in going out and partying than staying at home and being with his wife.  Of course, the Kardashian publicity train has gone into overdrive and have already reported these rumors false, but they do that with everything.  Khloe posted this message on her blog, “I’m happily married to a wonderful man and fall in love with him more and more each day, . . . These blatant lies are distasteful and shameless.”  Of course they are.  I think its about three years overdue for this family to step back from reality television and have things called private lives.  Just a suggestion.




It might be the holiday season, but Kyrie Irivng just gave his girlfriend the worst possible gift.  Irving posted a picture on his Instagram of him with two girls on his lap.  After getting a ton of backlash for it, Irving removed the picture, but the damage was already done.  Kyrie sent out multiple tweets to explain the picture.  He even tried to say that someone else was responsible for making the picture public.  Hmmm… if that is the case maybe Kyrie should reconsider those in his inner circle.


One person who didn’t seem too upset, Kyrie’s girlfriend, Natalia Garibotto.  She was away on vacation while all this was happening, but instead of making a scene on Twitter, she actually took the high road.  This is what she had to say everyone talking about the story, “For everyone tweeting at me, nothing is up. Just a couple hoes who need attention and clearly in desire for more Ig and tweeter followers. ✌”  Maybe it is not as bad as it seems. Who knows.


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Derrick Rose may be beloved on the court, but he has a new number one fan.  Rose’s longtime girlfriend Mieka Reese gave birth to the couple’s first child, PJ, sometime in October.  Rose is an extremely private person, but he couldn’t help but share some gorgeous pictures of his new son.  The little man looks absolutely adorable is his world debut cuddled up on his daddy’s shoulder in one picture.  What a head of hair on the little guy! Most men would be jealous of all that!  Rose is new to Twitter, but you can follow the point guard here .

No it is not what you are thinking, he is still the “starting” quarterback for the Jets, but he is no longer throwing passes to Eva Longoria. As if Sanchez was not embarrassed enough after an overtime loss to division rival New England, he now lost the person whose shoulder he could cry on. Supposedly, the breakup was not a nasty one, but instead the two just did not have compatible schedules.

“Mark adores and respects Eva. It really was about scheduling more than anything else. They will remain close friends. There was no drama. They just have completely different schedules and lifestyles.”

If any man lost Eva Longoria I am sure they would not be totally fine with it. Any man would be lucky to land the beauty and Sanchez could use all the support he can find right now. His team’s season is unraveling, players are dropping like flies from injuries, and he could possibly become Tim Tebow’s backup soon. Expect the Tebow and Longoria rumors to start up any day now.