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Both of these teams have emerged as threats this season to take down the old kings of the Western Conference.  They are sick of being overshadowed by the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers and are ready to be dominant forces.  The Rockets came as a surprise to everyone when they signed Jeremy Lin and James Harden in the offseason. Two guys who were great role players, but played with superstars.  The Clippers are known for their high flying dunkers, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, and their incredible leader Chris Paul.

However, the Clippers may be without their great ball handler as he is considered a game time decision after bruising his knee in the Clippers game against the Orlando Magic.  That seems to be the only significant injury news as Jeremy Lin stated he is ‘good to go’ for tonight’s game.  The Rockets are not shooting too well from beyond the arc as of late and I think that will hurt them against this team who is very tough inside.  I give the advantage to the Clippers who have been playing unbelievable this year.  I give a lot of credit to how well the Rockets have done, but the Clippers have too many weapons.  More importantly, Clippers or Rockets, who you takin?


How can you watch this video and not root for the Houston Rockets?  McHale has shown true heart and courage to come back to his team after losing his daughter.  McHale’s daughter Sasha lost her battle with lupus recently at the age of 23.  They wear a green stripe on their jerseys in her honor.  For most people, coaching would be the last thing on their minds.  However, McHale has returned and has received nothing but positivity from players and coaches.  In the video, he got a special embrace from his prodigy Kevin Garnett.  As I watch the Rockets blow out the Knicks in New York, I hope that these victories are bringing some sort of happiness to him.

130041-650-366It is Jeremy Lin’s return to Madison Square Garden and it seems like he is the only one not excited about it.  The Knicks have been rolling through the season, but they might be without superstar Carmelo Anthony for another game.  He suffered an ankle injury in the game against the Lakers and has yet to play a game since.  He is considered a game-time decision.  The Rockets have been doing very well as well.  Both James Harden and Jeremy Lin have been good for their new teams. They still have some holes in their team, but I definitely expect this to be a close game.  With or without Carmelo I expect the Knicks to win this one.  So, even though Lin is not excited for the game, who you takin in tonight’s matchup?



It is not often that a player can come along and capture the hearts’ of every New Yorker quite like Jeremy Lin did this year.  He even had his own catchy nickname “Linsanity”.  Jeremy Lin was able to take a Knicks team that was struggling so much and somehow put them back on a winning pace.   The Knicks were without superstar Carmelo Anthony and needed someone to bring back excitement to the Garden.

However, all good things must come to an end.  Carmelo came back and didn’t appreciate Lin taking away all his shine.  Then, there was the knee injury that kept him sidelined for the rest of the season and finally, there was the snub by the Knicks who did not offer to match the contract Lin was given by the Houston Rockets and he was shipped off to Texas.  However, Linsanity will never be forgotten for any Knicks fan.

He was the guy that put the New York Knicks back on the map. Then he got hurt and the team was not quite the same. Now he is in Houston looking to provide his new team, the Rockets, with that same spark. Who am I referring to? Jeremy Lin of course. New York City was swept with Linsanity, but ever since he left the Big Apple we have not seen much of him. However, he is on the month’s GQ magazine. Lin opens up about his new team as well as his former team (even though he was with the Rockets before the Knicks for a short time before being waived). He talks about all the love he received in New York City.

“You can’t ask for a city or a fan base to embrace somebody more than they embraced me. I know it’s kind of silly to talk about it with only two years under my belt in the league, but going in before free agency, I was like, ‘I want to play in front of these fans for the rest of my career.’ I really did. I really wanted to play in front of the Madison Square Garden fans for the rest of my career, because they’re just unbelievable,” Lin states.

He may not have played an entire season, but his sensational ride to the top is one for the ages. Will he be embraced the same way in Houston? Well, there is nothing like being under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden, but if he makes this a respectable franchise again then it is definitely possible. Linsanity the Houston edition could be on its way. Oh and for all those haters/doubters out there, Jeremy has a message for you…

“I totally hear and agree with people who are like, ‘He still has to learn. He’s not established enough. He hasn’t done it long enough.’ I agree with them. I mean, obviously I don’t always agree with everyone who says, ‘He’s at most a backup point guard,’ things like that. I’m trying to find a balance. I’m not like the next Michael Jordan, but I’m also not what everyone saw me as before I started playing in the NBA, either.”

It is now official. Jeremy Lin has left the New York Knicks and made it official that he is now a Houston Rocket. We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that we all know. But seriously, ESPN and the rest of the sports networks need to find a new topic to harp on. It is not even basketball season anymore, why not focus on the baseball trade deadline that is approaching rapidly? They are making Jeremy Lin like the second coming of Michael Jordan. Yes, he did add momentum to a sluggish New York Knicks team. Yes, he electrified Madison Square Garden. No, he did not even play a full season. No, he was not perfect and had many turnovers that were constantly overlooked by the media. Hopefully, the media can take a back seat. No, this is not Yao Ming Round 2 just because he is Asian. However, maybe being in Houston will allow him to focus on the game and less on the media. Good luck Jeremy Lin I am so sure I will still continue to see you on all the New York newspapers’ back covers. That should be a nice consolation gift for all the bandwagon fans who bought a Lin jersey after his FIRST game.

This pains me to write since he was always one of my favorite players, but newly acquired New York Knick, Jason Kidd, was arrested earlier this morning for DWI. Kidd who is 39 and knows better, was arrested in Southampton and released on his recognizance. There is new reports that Kidd was so drunk, he had to be carried out by friends. So… your friends are there to carry you out of the club, but not there to give you a ride home? Maybe it is time to get some new friends. I get you want to celebrate because it appears the Jeremy Lin era has finally ended and you can TRY to have all the attention again in the Tri State area because no one really cares that much about Raymond Felton. However, that does not excuse your reckless behavior. You’ve got a family that looks up to you. The New York Knicks are not having a good weekend. Fans will soon be storming the streets of the city after learning Linsanity is over… the world must be ending.