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Screen-shot-2012-03-19-at-11.56.47-AMDid you ever want to party with Shaq?  Well now you might get the chance, sorta.  The former NBA All-Star is coming out with his own line of vodka.  He is looking to compete with Diddy’s Ciroc, but at a much cheaper price.  The vodka line will be titled “Luv Shaq”.  The name is extremely stupid I will admit, but the vodka will be sugar and gluten free so I guess that makes up for it?  Not really, but there is a coconut flavor so it might taste decent?  Maybe after a long night or a bad Lakers’ loss it will.  Will you try Shaq’s vodka?



After crushing the competition at the Summer Olympics, Ryan Lochte has been out and about with all types of people. Most of them being extremely attractive females that only an Olympic stud could stand next to. However, recently has been spotted with some questionable friends.

During the iHeartRadio festival this weekend, Lochte was spotted with America’s newest sensation, Psy, who is responsible for the ridiculously catchy song “Gangham Style”. Okay maybe they don’t call each other and gossip for hours with each other, but still I don’t think anyone would expect them to hit it off.

Another interesting friend that Lochte has been spotted with is none other than Jersey Shore’s own Mike “The Situation”. Stay away Ryan!! Everybody still thinks of you as America’s golden child, being next to him will only lump you into “their” category. I can’t even think of a suitable name for what “their category” constitutes. The two were spotted together clubbing at Miami hot spot LIV doing what single guys do, flirting with hot girls. No Ryan, you will NOT attract the right girls with him as your wingman. On a side note, didn’t he go to rehab for alcohol? Anyways, if this a budding threesome how great would it be to see them all do the signature “Gangham Style” dance together. It definitely beats fist-pumping.

I am not a huge hockey fan I will admit, but I am always interested when it is a hometown team. It was a series that pinned New Jersey vs. New York. Two states that have some of the most passionate fans in the entire country. Of course, it would not be an East Coast battle without some drama. The Devils jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first period, but that lead did not stick around for the entire game. The Rangers came back and tied the game. Overtime… here we come! Within the first two minutes the Devils came up with a huge play when Adam Henrique had a huge goal to win it for New Jersey. The win came on a monumental day for both teams when the Rangers beat the Devils at home in a Game 6 to force a Game 7, fourteen years ago. Yes, Martin Brodeur was there. The Devils try to win their fourth Stanley Cup. They will face the LA Kings. Finally, New Jersey has something to be proud of that does not involve “Real” Housewives or anyone with a nickname, like Snooki.