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jeterweb15s-2-webIf there was one player that would be consider “Mr. Reliable” it would have to be New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.  The Captain always seems to be able to get a hit in the biggest moments so you can understand why fans would be so concerned when they saw their beloved hero on the ground unable to get up during the ALCS.

It seemed like nothing could go right for New York.  Their big hitters Cano, Rodriguez, Granderson, and Teixeira could not buy a hit in the playoffs.  Jeter was the glue that was holding this team’s hopes of another World Series title together.  During the twelve inning of Game 1, Jeter made a diving play to stop a grounder hit by Jhonny Peralta and he could not get up on his own.  Watching the trainers have to carry him off the field was not a good sign and it was later confirmed that he broke his ankle.  It was the last he would play in the ALCS.  What are the Yankees in the playoffs without Jeter?  Definitely not the same time and it showed.  The Yankees were swept by the Tigers.


Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees

There was a time when if you were a fan, you lived for the day when your team would play their biggest rival.  The players would always seem to play with a little more heart and the fans would always get extra pumped up.  What happened to the days when Boston and New York baseball fans couldn’t even sit together?  What happened to the days where players would feed off the crowd and steal a base or turn a single into a double just because they were playing their “arch-rival”?  Those days seem to be gone.

It is evidenced by the newly acquired Yankee, Kevin Youkilis.  Youk, as so many fans know him as, used to be a guy about the rivalries and playing with a little more effort to embarrass the teams his team was in competition with.  Youk was one of the biggest Boston Red Sox player involved in one of the most heated sports rivalries.  Now, he is playing for them and fans that used to curse him when he would get the big hit off a Yankees’ pitcher will be cheering for him.  Where is the loyalty?

Can fans overlook the bitter hatred for a player if it helps make their team better?  In reality, it all depends on how the player performs for their team.  If the player hits a grand slam in a playoff game, they will become a new fan favorite.  However, if the player strikes out in the bottom of the 9th when the team is down a run and there is a player on third, well things might not work out as well.  However, what about the players?  Does this mean they have no loyalty to the team they had so many memories with?

Kevin Youkilis is definitely not the first player to go to their rival team.  In fact, he is not even the first to leave Boston for pinstripes in New York City.  Boston cannot forget when Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens went to the Big Apple to win the World Series.  However, Youk is different.  He was always the guy who played for the fans and lived for the big moments against big teams.  People tuned into his at-bats because there was always a possibility a pitcher might try to throw at him and a fight would ensue.  He was a player who helped these rivalries live up to all the hype.  It seems that once he puts the pinstripes on, he wipes away all the fun of hating division rivals.

Many people are still suffering from the effects of Superstorm Sandy.  Personally, living in New Jersey myself, it was almost unbearable to survive the cold nights.  However, there are people who lost everything and it is so amazing to see the outpouring of people trying to help.  A fun event being held in Manhattan is Foley’s Pub and Restaurant is having a special bartender.  Former New York Mets and Yankees pitcher David Cone will be at Foley’s on November 14th from 6-9pm.  All proceeds and “tips” given to Cone will go straight to the victims.  Foley’s is conveniently located across the street from the Empire State Building on 33rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenue.  This is such an awesome event.  Who doesn’t want to watch some sports at the bar while getting served by a former major leaguer!  If you cannot attend the event, but still want to help you can donate to the American Red Cross: here.  Every little bit helps to rebuild the greatest place in the world!

It pains me to write this as a Mets fan, but I have been saying that David Wright to the Yankees is a great option. Yankee fans and front office are pretty much over fallen superstar Alex Rodriguez’s poor play and even worse attitude. If you already benched, why are you going to make yourself look worse and try to flirt with some of the fans? If you are bored throw a baseball at a young fan wearing your jersey (get some good publicity for yourself). It seems that the Yankees are desperately trying to think of a solution to the 100 million dollar mistake of signing Rodriguez for this long.

Across town, there is a completely different situation. The New York Mets have a great third baseman who plays with so much heart and has nothing to show for it. He has made it to the playoffs once in 2006, but that ended on a Beltran strike out. The owners are an absolute joke who have disrespected Wright in the past by saying he is not a superstar. He is going to be a free agent at the end of 2013 and deserves to be locked up for the rest of his career. Unfortunately, the Mets have no money to keep Wright and give him a championship caliber team around him. The Mets may be good in a few years, but is it fair to keep Wright while he is in his prime for a maybe?

These two could be sharing a dugout next year.

If the Yankees can figure something out for Rodriguez, then Wright would be a great addition to that lineup. Not only would his stats go back up in the ballpark, but he is a much better fielder than Rodriguez. As much as Yankee fans do not want to admit it, the Mets do have an advantage at the hot corner. Wright is a guy in his prime that knows how to handle New York media. Not to be forgotten, Wright and Jeter would make one good looking infield. It would be heartbreaking for Wright to walk away to the Yankees, but as a David Wright fan I have to admit he deserves to win. If the Wilpons let Wright walk a year after Jose Reyes did, I cannot imagine this fan base sticking around much longer. The Wilpons either need to ante up and get some real talent or be prepared for ticket sales to plummet even further.

If you are a Yankee fan, then this is a postseason series that will hope to quickly forget about. The Detroit Tigers completed a four game sweep over the Bronx Bombers to advance to the World Series. Let’s just be honest, the Yankees did not deserve to win. They looked absolutely pathetic throughout this postseason.

All the blame has been placed on third baseman Alex Rodriguez, but does he really deserve it? Sure, he earns a ridiculous amount of money and he has been reduced to a bench player, but what about Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, and Nick Swisher? Arod never seems to help his cause with the rumors that he tried to pick up a fan in the stands. Isn’t he with someone? That is for a different article. The blame can’t be put on one player that would just be ridiculous. This entire team went into a slump.

The Yankees gave up four home runs for the night, two to Jhonny Peralta, and one to Austin Jackson and Miguel Cabrera. The Yankees have not been swept in the postseason in over 30 years. The Tigers’ pitching staff held the Yankees to six runs for the entire series. Delmon Young was named MVP of the series. The Tigers can sit back and watch as the Cardinals and Giants battle it out to represent the National League in the World Series. Currently the Cardinals have a 2-1 game lead over the Giants. They are currently in Game 4 with the Cardinals winning 2-1 as the fourth inning begins.

Not what you want to see from your best player.

As if losing last night’s game against the Detroit Tigers, the Yankees have an ever bigger blow. Manager Joe Girardi, looking absolutely deflated, announced during his postseason interview that Derek Jeter will be out for the rest of the postseason with an ankle fracture.

It all happened during the twelfth inning of the first game in the ALCS. Jeter fielded a ground ball and landed all wrong on his left leg and let out this painful scream. Girardi said he immediately knew it was bad when he saw the captain not getting back on his feet. He was immediately taken out of the game, but refused to be carried. Jeter has not missed a postseason game since 1995! There are no words to explain what Derek Jeter represents. He is the heart and soul of that Yankee team. Every real baseball fan has respect for him and the way he plays the game. The rest of this series for the Yankees will be full of emotion.

Everyone has noticed the recent struggles of this lineup. Besides Raul Ibanez and Derek Jeter no one is able to buy a hit. All the blame is being placed on A-Rod, but in reality Curtis Granderson, Nick Swisher, Robinson Cano, and Alex Rodriguez are all struggling. So without Jeter on the field and leading off the lineup, where does this leave the New York Yankees?

It can go one of two ways. It can go really well and the rest of the lineup really steps up in the absence of their captain. However, the Tigers have momentum after winning an emotional game and the Yankees are eventually going to face Justin Verlander which is never fun. The loss of Jeter’s presence is only going to make things worse. There is no calming veteran voice in that dugout or on the field. I can’t see this team just giving up however, their fans will not let that happen.

I think that the Tigers will win the ALDS. The Yankees have not been playing like a deserving team. Jeter will rehab in the offseason. Nick Swisher may or may not be back and who knows there may be in a new third baseman in pinstripes. I have said this before…. the Yankees need a new third baseman and David Wright deserves a big multi-year contract…..

The man is nearly unhittable on the mound. He is the reigning MVP and Cy Young winner in the American League. His team, the Detroit Tigers, are currently playing the New York Yankees for the American League spot in the World Series. If you already are jealous of him, prepare to be even more.

For months there was speculation about who the ace pitcher was dating. He was linked to one of the most beautiful women in the entire world, Kate Upton, but he always denied it. An unlikely source has stepped forward to confirm that these two are most certainly an item. Robert Verlander Sr., Justin’s grandfather, has said that two are mostly certainly seeing each other. “I heard he has been on dates with a Sports Illustrated girl. I saw a photo – she’s beautiful. They make a good looking pair because he’s a good looking man too. I do know he’s on the dating scene. Justin is a fine boy and whoever he ends up with is lucky. He’s not only a great baseball player, he’s a great guy.” Aw, well it certainly sounds official if the grandparents are aware of it. For those who do not exactly know who Kate Upton is, please see the gallery below and hold the drool.

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