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hi-res-153624462_crop_650x440During last night’s game against the Utah Jazz, both Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade only played the first three quarters.  Were they injured?  No.  They were actually benched.  Two of the the Miami Heat’s ‘Big 3’ stars were benched for their poor performance in the game.  The Heat look to be in a pretty bad funk, but can the defending NBA Champions bounce back?

Of course they can.  There is absolutely no reason for this team to panic.  One big advantage they have right now is that they play in the Eastern Conference which has significantly less talented teams than the Western Conference.  If they were playing in the West, then they would be competing to stay afloat with the Thunder, Clippers, Warriors, and Grizzlies.  However, this team is stocked with talent and they know what it takes to get to the Finals and walk away with the trophy.  This team just needs to get through this month and stay at a winning pace until April when they start picking it up again. This team will make the playoffs and in my opinion will be playing in the Easter Conference finals.



durant-kobeNo Pau Gasol.  No Dwight Howard.  How are the Lakers’ chances looking?  Not too good.  Especially since they are on a five game losing streak looking to play the defending Western Conference Champions, Oklahoma City Thunder.  So if the Lakers don’t play on playing defense tonight, things will get ugly.  At least the Lakers will have point guard Steve Nash this time around.  Last time these two teams met in Oklahoma, Nash and Gasol were both out and the Lakers lost 114-108.

This won’t be a close game, UNLESS that team that played Brooklyn showed up. However, that seems highly unlikely.  There is much else to say about this game considering how badly injured this Los Angeles team is and how poorly they have played.  OKC definitely wins this one and puts the Lakers even further down in the standings.  Lakers or Thunder, who you takin?


Kevin Durant has always had the persona of a nice guy on and off the court.  He always seems to maintain his composure.  However, in recent games we have seen frustration get the best of the three time scoring champion. Over the course of three games, Durant has been given three technical fouls including two technicals against the Brooklyn Nets that resulted in his first ejection ever.  Feeling that he let his fans down, Durant took to his Twitter and apologized for his recent performance.  “3 techs in 3 games, not like me…@KendrickPerkins is a bad influence on my life lol jk..I will be better, sorry guys.”


It was a classy gesture by a great player and guy.  However, could it be frustration setting in?  Most likely.  During that Brooklyn game, the Thunder weren’t playing well.  They actually played horrible.  I wouldn’t dwell on this.  Durant is still a great player and more importantly respects the game of basketball.  I wouldn’t look too into this.  The Thunder still sits atop their division at 26-7.


People have called him all types of names, but in 2012 you have to add NBA champion to it.  Lebron James has long been considered one of the greatest players ever to grace the NBA.  He has won many awards including regular season MVP and the scoring title however, a championship had always eluded him. Finally, in his second year as a member of the Miami Heat, he got his title.  He and his teammates beat the Oklahoma City Thunder four games to one.  He finally showed critics that he was not the choke artist that everyone had made him out to be, even though people still had their opinions.  People can say that he could have never won it without an amazing support cast, but who cares?  He still won it and he is still the 2012 Finals MVP.  So in 2012, James quieted the world with their doubts and then went out to represent our great country in the London Olympics where he brought home the gold! It was definitely a good year to be Lebron, but the many is making boat loads of money so when  is it ever bad to be Lebron James?

They fired a coach last week and have now made their decision on a new one.  Mike D’Antoni.  D’Antoni has coaching experience, most recently with the Phoenix Suns and the New York Knicks.   He has never won a title, but he is a former Coach of the Year.  As he embarks on taking over in Los Angeles, just how much pressure is on him?

A lot.  Luckily for D’Antoni, he has worked in a highly stressful environment in New York City.  If you can handle New York media, you can pretty much work anywhere. The media constantly put a wedge between D’Antoni and superstar Carmelo Anthony.  This is what SUPPOSEDLY led to his firing, but in case anyone forgot, there is an even bigger star in Los Angeles.  So, if D’Antoni does not lead this team to a championship, will he be considered a failure?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.  The NBA has created an atmosphere that if you do not win right away, there is something wrong.  Don’t believe me?  How many people said that a Miami Heat led by Lebron James failed because they did not win the title.  They made it to the finals, but did not bring home the title.  It took an entire year for Lebron to get some of the critics off his back when he got to hoist the trophy up and people still doubt his talent.

D’Antoni is a great coach and no one will take that from him, but if he does not take his team all the way he is a failure.  Everyone will say, well if they would have hired Phil, then they would have gotten there.  One problem.  The Lakers have some serious competition in the West, namely the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Even if they get into the finals, they will still have to face the Heat who look to be the favorite to win the Eastern Championship again.

My conclusion is that no matter what D’Antoni does, he will be criticized.  If this team ever hits a skid, which it naturally will, people will be ready to say that if Phil was coaching they would be winning.  It is easy to speculate, but slumps happen regardless of who is coaching. I do not predict the Lakers to win it all or even win the Western Conference.  I am still picking a rematch of last year’s matchup.

Normally, Kevin Durant is seen with his biggest cheerleader, his mother. It looks as though he has a new woman to support him on the sidelines. Reports are saying that NBA superstar, Kevin Durant, and former Destiny’s Child member LaToya Luckett are an item. Well, all that is known is that the two went out to dinner together, however, in the world we live in that automatically means you two are serious. Well, hopefully she does not serve as a distraction for Durant who is a valuable part of Team USA who will need his talent to bring back the gold!
Durant and Luckett at dinner

Congrats to the Miami Heat for winning Game 3 last night of the NBA Finals to take a 2-1 lead over the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, the entire series has been overshadowed by a single line. Lebron James’ hairline to be exact. This is an old issue that I always felt I should never comment on, but it seems like everyone else has. Lebron please take a woman’s advice and just shave your whole head. Commentators will stop putting towels on their heads to mock you and fans will go back to watching you for the talent that you truly are. Michael pulled off the bald look perfectly so if you want to be the greatest, maybe you should look into new hair solutions that do not include plugs or Sharpie markers.

We can ALL see how think that headband truly is.. you’re fooling no one

Try this look instead….