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spl481397_002Things on the court may not be going well for Kobe Bryant, but at least his personal life just got better.  This couple has had a rocky past since 2003 when Kobe admitted to cheating on Vanessa with a 19-year-old girl who claimed that it was not consensual.  Kobe escaped those charges almost as well as he escapes defenders on the court, except it cost him $4 million.  Remember that ring he bought Vanessa?  Well I certainly do and that is how you apologize to a woman scorned!

Things seemed to be going well for the couple up until last year when Vanessa filed for divorce citing ‘irreconcilable differences’.  Apparently Kobe just couldn’t stay faithful.  However, that was a year ago and things have changed severely.  The Lakers are awful and Kobe is no longer single.  The couple took to Instagram and announced their reconciliation.  “We are pleased to announce that we have reconciled.  Our divorce action will be dismissed. We are looking forward to our future together.”  Great news for Kobe, but the Lakers still won’t make the playoffs. You just can’t win them all.



133650-650-366The Knicks may have won the first battle, but the Lakers think they have found their saviors.  Yes, Steve Nash and Pao Gasol have returned for the second match-up of these two teams.  The last time these two teams met in New York, they both watched from the bench.  Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony are both leading the league in scoring so this will be a very high scoring game if these two get hot.  The Lakers have seemed to start turning things around and look to continue their winning streak.

Steve Nash is a huge addition for the Lakers as he fits into the D’Antoni offense.  However, don’t sleep on the Knicks who remain one of the best teams in the league right now.  Amar’e Stoudemire did travel with the team, but will not play today.  The Knicks have filled his void very nicely almost to the point that he may be a bench player.

I think Kobe is more pumped for this game and will continue his 30 points a game streak.  He knows how to play on Christmas and how to defend his stadium.  I think the Lakers come out with the win.  The Knicks will hang around, but the Lakers are on a roll right now.  Lakers or Knicks, who you takin?


Now that the NBA trade deadline has officially passed, we have confirmation as to whee everyone will be playing. The deadline certainly did not live up to the hype that most analysts had fans waiting on pins and needles for this past week. There were no superstars traded; no Dwight Howard to Los Angeles or anywhere else. Speaking of the Lakers, they seemed to be the most active in trading, but no Pao Gasol was not involved.

1. Dwight Howard- staying with Orlando Magic through the 2012-2013 season. This translates into we will all have to endure another year of is he or isn’t he going to stay in Orlando.

2. Cleveland sent Ramon Sessions and Christen Eyenga to the Lakers for Luke Walton and a first round draft pick.

3. The Warriors and Spurs swapped Richard Jefferson and Stephen Jackson.

4. The Portland Trail Blazers- sent Gerard Wallace to New Jersey and sent Marcus Camby to the Houston Rockets for Johnny Flynn. Hasheem Thabeet, and a second round pick.

5. The Pacers got Leandro Barbosa from the Raptors for a second round draft pick.

6. Memphis sent Sam Young to Philadelphia for a second round draft pick.

7. The Lakers sent veteran Derek Fisher and a first round pick to Houston for Jordan Hill.

8. The Nuggets, Clippers, and Wizards have a three-team trade that includes sending Nick Young to Los Angeles, Nene and Brian Cook to Washington, and JaVale McGee to Denver.

With the NBA trade deadline rapidly approaching, I figured I should give my take on where I predict some of the big names being discussed will end up.

1. Pao Gasol- currently on the Los Angeles Lakers- trade him
The Lakers need to make a big move in order to be able to contend in the playoffs. Yes, the win over the Heat last week and over the Celtics today showed that they are still a team with great talent, but they are a much older team. In my opinion there is no way that they can continue this condensed schedule and go into the playoffs and play 100 percent. They have proven that they are a completely different away from the Staples Center. I think that Gasol makes the most sense to get rid of. He will have a big return and the Lakers still have size with players like Andrew Bynum.

2. Rajan Rondo- currently on the Boston Celtics-keep him
There is absolutely no question when it comes to Rondo. The Celtics would be nothing without Rondo. He is the playmaker of a veteran team that can no longer handle the athleticism of teams like Miami. There is no reason for Rondo to be traded because the return would never equal what Rondo provides for that team.

3. Dwight Howard- currently on the Orlando Magic- trade him
Why would you want to keep a player who has openly admitted to wanting to be traded? That is just not fair to the fans. It would be better to trade him and get players who want to play for the Orlando fans and want to focus on making the team better. Howard would also provide a lot of return for teams. I do not believe that he will go to the Lakers as they are not looking for a big man. I can definitely see him on the East Coast and most likely the New Jersey Nets. He could take the Nets from a forgettable team to a possible contender.

CBS Los Angeles

Trade and free agency rumors as of March 9, 2012:

  • Josh Smith wants out of Hawks. Could Mitch Kupchak call Atlanta for a blockbuster trade?
  • Utah Jazz willing to trade Devin Harris to Lakers for first-round pick or young assets.
  • Report from Puerta Rican paper, hometown of JJ Barea, says there will be a three-team trade: Lakers will receive Dwight Howard (From Orlando) , JJ Barera and Michael Beasley(From Minnesota); Orlando will get Andrew Bynum and Derrick Williams(from Minnesota); And Pau Gasol to Minnesota
  • Former Boston Celtic Rasheed Wallace intends to come out of retirement and sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, according to a report from A. Sherrod Blakely of
  • The Lakers have spoken to Minnesota about Michael Beasley, and sources say the Lakers are intrigued by the Timberwolves’ small forward. The Lakers were actually in discussions with Minnesota about a potential trade for Beasley before the…

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