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While most of you probably thought that I meant that he got a new head coaching job, that is not at all the case. Phil Jackson can now add fiance to his list of responsibilities.  Phil Jackson popped the question to girlfriend Jeanie Buss.  The couple announced the engagement on her Twitter when she posted a picture of the ring telling her followers: “Twitter family – Phil finally gave me that ring I wanted! :-)’.


The couple has been dating since 2001, but of course have a long history together.  Buss is the daughter of Jerry Buss who owns the Los Angeles Lakers where Phil famously coached for many years and was speculated to make a comeback this year after Mike Brown was fired.  Congrats to the happy couple!


Screen-shot-2012-03-19-at-11.56.47-AMDid you ever want to party with Shaq?  Well now you might get the chance, sorta.  The former NBA All-Star is coming out with his own line of vodka.  He is looking to compete with Diddy’s Ciroc, but at a much cheaper price.  The vodka line will be titled “Luv Shaq”.  The name is extremely stupid I will admit, but the vodka will be sugar and gluten free so I guess that makes up for it?  Not really, but there is a coconut flavor so it might taste decent?  Maybe after a long night or a bad Lakers’ loss it will.  Will you try Shaq’s vodka?



Who can forget the Dwight Howard saga?  He was the most talked about player since I don’t even remember.  It wasn’t just that he is one of the best centers in the league, but the constant drama surrounding him.  He made it very clear just how unhappy he was in Orlando.  Not the nicest thing to do considering he was adored by the city, but okay they weren’t giving you a championship caliber team to play with. We all get it.  He was such a diva that he said that he would only go to Brooklyn.  So where did Dwight end up?

Well, finally after months and months of speculation and rumors, the superstar made his way to the Los Angeles Lakers. Not quite Brooklyn, but it is definitely an upgrade from Orlando (talent-wise that is).  However, the Lakers have a losing record and Howard has come under fire recently  for his horrendous foul shooting.  Sounds like another famous big man that once wore yellow and purple….

On a side note, happy birthday Dwight Howard!