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hi-res-153624462_crop_650x440During last night’s game against the Utah Jazz, both Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade only played the first three quarters.  Were they injured?  No.  They were actually benched.  Two of the the Miami Heat’s ‘Big 3’ stars were benched for their poor performance in the game.  The Heat look to be in a pretty bad funk, but can the defending NBA Champions bounce back?

Of course they can.  There is absolutely no reason for this team to panic.  One big advantage they have right now is that they play in the Eastern Conference which has significantly less talented teams than the Western Conference.  If they were playing in the West, then they would be competing to stay afloat with the Thunder, Clippers, Warriors, and Grizzlies.  However, this team is stocked with talent and they know what it takes to get to the Finals and walk away with the trophy.  This team just needs to get through this month and stay at a winning pace until April when they start picking it up again. This team will make the playoffs and in my opinion will be playing in the Easter Conference finals.




The lockout has gone one for months and months, but hockey is finally back!  NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA director Donald Fehr stood side by side to deliver the great news to fans.  Don’t get too excited because the details still need to be hammered out and with how long it took to get a verbal agreement it could be a while before they are back on the ice.  “We still have a lot of work to do,” Bettman said, “but it’s good to be at this point.”  The two sides met last night for a reported 16 hours arguing about free agency dates and salary caps.  They are hoping to squeeze in a 50 game season and to resume action January 15th.  At least the hard part is now over and hopefully everything can be worked out within the 48 hour window.  We all want the same thing… we all want to see hockey fights again!


Wow, what a difference a few months can make.  It looks like after being publicly disgraced and banned from cycling for life, Lance Armstrong is considering confessing to doping.  By admitting his guilt, Armstrong is hoping that his lifetime ban from cycling can be reduced.  In order for Armstrong to even possibly be allowed to race again, he would have a lot of confessing to do including how he doped, who helped him, and how he hid it for so long.  Many people are trying to persuade the once beloved athlete to come forward including those involved with his old charity LiveStrong.  I think that Armstrong should confess, but the lifetime ban should stay in place.  I always rooted for the guy and what he stood for, but knowing that it was all false is pretty disappointing.  Here is my ruling: Stay off the bike, but let him get involved with LiveStrong again.

200px-If_I_did_It_2This may be one of the more controversial memoirs written by an athlete. O.J. Simpson’s life was not always that way, but things took a crazy turn when he met his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. The book starts out when the two first meet. Simpson was still married to his first wife and Nicole was a barely legal waitress.  Throughout the book, OJ recounts the up and down relationship constantly reminding the reader how much he loves her.  When he finally does get to the day of the murder, it is chilling to hear how he “would have” killed her.  He tells you that he had a knife, that his clothes were bloody, that he saw Ron and Nicole lay there dead, and that he rushed home to take a shower and get rid of the bloody clothing.  It almost seems like he is mocking us by admitting to all those events, but saying he can’t remember how the clothes became bloody.  It is a very interesting tale that shows how a picture perfect marriage can go so horribly wrong.  I am sure that they did fight, but to make accusations against a person who cannot defend themselves is just wrong.  Throughout the book, Simpson constantly pushes the idea that Nicole was hanging around a ‘rough’ crowd and insinuating that she was addicted to drugs.  I wouldn’t recommend reading this only because it is extremely biased and it seems like Simpson is looking for sympathy for being ‘framed’.  No matter which way you stood on the trial’s outcome, this book does not help make things any clearer.


While most of you probably thought that I meant that he got a new head coaching job, that is not at all the case. Phil Jackson can now add fiance to his list of responsibilities.  Phil Jackson popped the question to girlfriend Jeanie Buss.  The couple announced the engagement on her Twitter when she posted a picture of the ring telling her followers: “Twitter family – Phil finally gave me that ring I wanted! :-)’.


The couple has been dating since 2001, but of course have a long history together.  Buss is the daughter of Jerry Buss who owns the Los Angeles Lakers where Phil famously coached for many years and was speculated to make a comeback this year after Mike Brown was fired.  Congrats to the happy couple!

Finally we are at number one! So what could be the biggest moment in sports of 2012?  Drumroll please….



This is the same team that did not win a game in November, stood at 7-7 at one point, and was doubted by every sports analyst.  However, if you watched this team all season you knew there was something special.  Eli Manning was unbelievable all year.  The receiving corp seemed to be so in sync.  The defensive line would put pressure on the quarterback and was always feared.  Even with all the pieces clicking, they were still favorited.


Every week was supposed to be their last week in the playoffs.  When will people learn to stop doubting an underrated Giants team?  They say this team works best with their backs against the wall, but it is really when they are supposed to lose that they perform exceptionally well.  They beat the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC Eact, they embarrassed the Atlanta Falcons at home, they went to the Green Bay tundra and stunned the reigning champs, and they got their rematch in San Francisco to win the NFC Championship. It was like we all traveled back in time and the game depended on Lawrence Tyne’s leg one more time.  After a muffed punt, the Giants got Tynes into field goal range and he kicked them into the Super Bowl to get the ultimate rematch against the New England Patriots.


Had Super Bowl 42 been a lucky break for the Giants or were they the real deal?  Well, Tom Brady sure thought he was robbed of a title.  However, the Giants started off strong with Justin Tuck getting a safety on Brady in the first quarter.  The Giants fell behind late and had to rely on Eli’s magical arm to put them back on top.  It seemed like it was destined for the Giants to win when a long pass intended for tight end Rob Gronkowski was intercepted by Chase Balckburn.  This set up the moment when Eli floated a beautiful pass to the sideline for Mario Manningham that was caught in bounds between two defenders.  The Patriots let the Giants score and gave their MVP Tom Brady 30 seconds to make an epic comeback. He came extremely close getting a ‘hail mary’ pass into the end zone that the Giants knocked away that ended the game.  Eli Manning outdueled Tom Brady for a second time in the Super Bowl.  What a game! Even if you do not like the Giants, you have to respect how hard they played in the playoffs.  Nobody wanted to win more than them and for that I thank them.  The year might not have ended well for the Giants, but they brought so many smiles to so many different people on and off the field.


There were seven no-hitters this past baseball season.  However, one stood out more than the rest.  There is one franchise who seems to have the worst luck and has become the laughing stock of the MLB.  Who might I be talking about? New York’s other team, the New York Mets.   This organization has constantly been ridiculed for its awful contracts and lackluster performance.  However, the Mets did make one impressive trade when they traded prospects for the Cy Young winner, Johan Santana.


Santana was one of the most elite pitchers in the game.  However, when he came over to New York he was constantly plagued by injuries and never returned to what he was in Minnesota.  Except for one night in July when he was spectacular.  It was a game that the Mets were hosting the reigning World Series Champions, the St. Louis Cardinals.  It was already expected to be a big game because it was Carlos Beltran’s first game back to New York since being traded.


Santana was pitching brilliantly and the Mets were actually giving him run support.  Once it got to the sixth,seventh inning, fans started noticing that Santana had yet to give up a hit.  Being used to disappointment, Mets fans assumed that there was no way he was going to go all nine innings nor would manager Terry Collins allow his ace to be overworked.


Now the Mets get to the ninth inning.  Still no hits have been given up, but Santana is up to 115 pitches and still has batters to face.  What to do?  Collins surely didn’t know, but knew he owed it to the Mets fans who have waited 8,020 games to see a pitcher go all the way.  Two outs in the ninth.  Matt Holiday steps into the box.  Strike 1. Strike 2.  Can this really happen? Can Johan Santana really accomplish something Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, Doc Gooden, and David Cone could not deliver to these fans?  Strike 3, swinging at a change up! YES JOHAN SANTANA PITCHED THE FIRST NO-HITTER IN NEW YORK METS HISTORY!!!!!  What an amazing feeling for the fans! Johan Santana, one of the most beloved Mets pitchers finally broke the curse.  It was so emotional, Santana cried, Collins cried, and now I am tearing up thinking about it!  It could not have happened to a better guy.  What a great moment in sports!